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Amanda Hanemaayer


  • Annemarie Berukoff

    Annemarie Berukoff

    Retired teacher — wisdom of Timely Tools for Changes: self-franchise internet marketing, social media attacks, ecology

  • Charles Amemiya

    Charles Amemiya

    Formerly incarcerated life/business coach, speaker, writer, social responsibility advocate.

  • Alexa Huth

    Alexa Huth

    Visually impaired author and adventurer

  • Trisha Dunbar

    Trisha Dunbar

    Sharing my Journey #100daysof… Challenges| Learning Languages| Streaming for fun 🐼 🎮| Reading for Growth, #BookClub5252| All views are my own @icklepixelpanda

  • Linda Acaster

    Linda Acaster

    British multi-genre fiction author who haunts historic sites.

  • Faron Sage

    Faron Sage

    Socially-conscious writer & musician exploring pressing issues at the heart of 21st century life. Check out — music for a better world!

  • Maude Trudeau

    Maude Trudeau

  • Debbie R. King

    Debbie R. King

    Inquisitive Climate/Science Writer with a passion for biology, ecopsychology, and sustainability.

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